How To Jailbreak iPod: Fundamentals And How To Do It

Want to Jailbreak iPod Touch in a secure and easy way? Need to know more about jailbreaking to convince yourself to perform it on your precious device? Well I’m going to let you in on the basics and what you really need to know.

The iPod Touch is the dream gadget of many a music lover. If you own one, it must be very precious to you. However, did you know that you can expand the capabilities of your device? I’m sure you want to expand it, right, seeing that you paid quite a sum for it? Well if you answered yes, then what you need to do is to jailbreak your device.

An Introduction To Jailbreaking The iPod Touch

To get you started, let me first tell you what jailbreaking is about. Basically, it means allowing your iPod to install and run third party apps beyond what is allowed by Apple. The standard iPod Touch set is only allowed to run a limited amount of apps, thus also limiting its features and customizability. By breaking the “jail” set by Apple on your device, the possibilities are pretty much endless when it comes to what you can do with your iPod.

If you want a rough idea about the kind of features you can have on your jailbroken device, just keep reading:

1)      You can download apps from third party developers that allow you to customize everything on your iPod Touch. This includes changing the wallpaper, expanding the number of items you can have in your menu, and so on. This will make your device much more user-friendly and help it stand out from the rest of the iPods out there.

2)      You can download games onto your iPod and turn it into a mini gaming device. There are many games you can download, and it’ll make your device so much more fun.

3)      You can install useful tools such as YouTube downloaders that download and store videos direct to your iPod, and tools that allow you to open and view Office documents. These are just two examples, there are so many more!

Quite nifty, right? You definitely will not regret jailbreaking your device. Yes, it technically voids your warranty with Apple, but the best part is you can always reset your device to the standard form using iTunes. Issue resolved!

How To Jailbreak Your iPod Touch

Okay, so you’re excited about expanding the capabilities of your device. Let’s proceed by telling you how you can go about jailbreaking it. The method of jailbreaking depends largely on the currently installed firmware on your iPod, and how much jailbreaking software providers have managed to hack into it.

For the latest firmware, sometimes during the early phase of the release, only the tethered jailbreak method is available, which basically means you need to connect your device to a computer and jailbreak it every time you switch it on. Otherwise, the untethered jailbreak method is usually available, which is the preferred method by most users. Why? Because by using this method you only have to put your device through the jailbreaking process once by using your computer. Afterwards, the device can be used normally and will remain in the jailbroken state when you switch the device off and on. This is very convenient and is definitely the better method.

Step By Step Instructions For Jailbreaking Your iPod Touch

There are many software programs you can use to jailbreak your device, including Redsn0w, QuickPwn, Blackra1n and so on. For a general guide on how easy the jailbreaking process can be, let me provide a step by step jailbreaking guide using Redsn0w for the latest iOS firmware 4.3.3 (untethered method):

Step 1: Ensure that the iOS 4.3.3 IPSW file is on your computer.

Step 2:  Launch Redsn0w on your computer and carefully read through the given instructions. Click Next and allow Redsn0w to prepare the process.

Step 3: Select “Install Cydia” and any other option you like that is listed. If you don’t understand the options, just stick with the “Install Cydia” option and click “Next”.

Step 4: Switch off and plug in the device to your computer, as per the instructions on screen. Be sure that it is switched off and plugged in before clicking “Next” again.

Step 5: On your screen now you should be able to see a set of instructions to place your device in DFU mode. Follow them in the correct order and the jailbreaking process should then start automatically if the steps have been performed successfully. After the process is complete, the device will reboot and will already be jailbroken.

The instructions may vary slightly according to the software you use, but generally the steps are the same. The only issue you may run into is picking the wrong software program which instead turns out to be malware, a virus or so on. To avoid this problem, it’s best to use a software program that has been used by thousands to jailbreak their iOS devices.

Using A Software Program By A Trustworthy Developer To Jailbreak Your iPod Touch Successfully

One such software program is the one I’m about to recommend to you. This program has helped over 100,000 iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users jailbreak their device, and I’m confident they will help you do so too. The developers offer lifetime updates too, so you know if you need to upgrade your firmware and jailbreak it again, you can use their software at no additional cost. This should definitely be the software program of your choice!

Why not take a look at this reliable software program: Jailbreak iPod Software

In short, jailbreaking your iPod Touch is one of the smartest things you can do to get a bang for your buck. The process itself isn’t difficult if you choose the right software program to trust. For that, the software program recommended above should definitely be in your consideration.

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How To Jailbreak iPod 4G – Learn To Successfully Jailbreak iPod 4G

Want to know how to jailbreak ipod 4g? It is already iPod consumers’ knowledge that jailbreaks bring plenty of advantages and delight to users in varying ways.  However, every time a new product is released by Apple in the market, new updates on jailbreaks are made just like the jailbreak iPod 4G.  A standard iPod Touch 4G contains the latest and great features like 3.5 inch multi-touch display at 960 by 640 pixel resolution, a 1GHz A4 chip with 512 MB RAM, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR, 3 axis Gyro, accelerometer, ambient light sensor, a camera of 720p HD at 30fps with audio, VGA front camera and an additional portable gaming better than PSP and Nintendo DS.  On these apps inside iPod 4g, consumers would really use jailbreak iPod 4G to acquire and install similar features into its old iPod devices.

Selections of Jailbreak iPod 4G

In jailbreaking, a user cannot just simply pick any form of tool to jailbreak iPod 4G.  The first thing to consider is the firmware version to update on so as to properly select the appropriate jailbreak.  Another is the platform where the jailbreaking measures are done since there are softwares that run only in Windows, Mac OS or Linux.  From such, the jailbreak must be reviewed in detail so as not to disrupt the system of the iPod 4G.

The following are jailbreaks applicable for iPod 4G models:

•              Greenpois0n – Chronic Dev Team comes up with this tool which is available for both Mac OS and Windows platform and perfect for jailbreak iPod 4G.

•              Limera1n – GeoHot’s tool for jailbreak fitting for Mac OS and Windows operating system.  Such became untethered due to the exploit borrowed from Comex fused to bootrom exploit of GeoHot.

•              JailbreakMe – contains various versions of jailbreak namely JailbreakMe1 as Spirit, 2 for Star and the 3rd is Saffron.  Saffron jailbreak has the ability to jailbreak iPod 4G.

•              Redsn0w – a software originally called as QuickPwn crafted by iPhone Dev Team.  The redsn0w version 0.9.6rc16 is best for jailbreaking iPod 4G models.

Hooking Up on Jailbreak iPod 4G

An iPod 4G device is one of the latest Apple products that contain desirable applications that any users find delight.   From such, old model iPod owners start to explore ways on how to install same applications on their device.  Also, an iPod 4G can also apply jailbreaks into the unit thereby producing more variations of applications and features.  Therefore, to join the fuss on jailbreaking procedures, the following steps will direct an iPod 4G user into a jailbreak condition:

Step 1: Create a specific folder on the desktop.

Step 2: Download iTunes and the firmware and saved them into the folder created.

Step 3: Connect the iPod unit with a computer via USB route.

Step 4: In a new window opened, select the Browse menu.  This will start the device to navigate its firmware into the folder made.

Step 5:  When the firmware is spotted and verified, press the Next button immediately.

Step 6: Continue pressing on Next button on each window until Install Cydia comes.

Step 7: Check Cydia with the mouse as well with other features wanted namely wallpapers, verbose boot and etc.

Step 8: The unit will then be ordered to be in DFU setting by the following process:

  •               Press the Power button in 3 seconds duration
  •               Press the Power button again including Home Menu but now lasting more than 10 seconds
  •               Release the Power button while keeping the Home Menu

Step 9:  The iPod unit tells when its jailbreak by doing an automatic restart.

The Insatiable Jailbreak iPod 4G

Do you want your iPod to be always seeking for more? Then have a jailbreak installed in it for continuous upgrade and updates.

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The jailbreak does not only update and upgrade but installs other features that an ordinary device cannot make.

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How To Jailbreak iPod 2g Successfully – It’s Easier Than You Think!

Have you heard about this Jailbreak iPod 2g? It’s one of the most talked about issues on online forums of the techie world. If your interest about this Jailbreak iPod 2g has been ignited and wishes to learn more about this Jailbreak iPod 2g, then this article is perfect for you.

What Is Jailbreak iPod 2g?

Jailbreak iPod 2g is the process of setting free your iPod 2g gadget. This will lead to the unlocking victory of your iPod 2g. If you are wondering about the kind of freedom that you can give to your iPod 2g, then read further.

Why Need To Jailbreak iPod 2g?

This process will surely unlock your iPod 2g through jailbreaking. This will open the door to enhancements for your iPod. You will surely be surprised with the transformation and the additional apps that will power up your iPod 2g. You will be connected with the Cydia installer which is the third party software that will enable you to have access with variety of iPod apps and will surely please you. Of course, setting your iPod 2g to its maximum enhancement is for the benefits and the pleasures of the users.

What Things Are Needed To Jailbreak iPod 2g?

You will simply need your iPod 2g and the software which you are going to entrust the fate of your iPod 2g.

What Are The Methods To Jailbreak iPod 2g?

Actually, there is only one sure way to jailbreak your iPod 2g. This is the use of software. But, if you will insist on jailbreaking your iPod 2g manually, which means without the use of any software, it’s entirely up to you.

Jailbreak iPod 2g   – The Strenuous Method

When people will say jailbreaking your iPod 2g manually, this simply means that you are doing it without the use of any software. It’s between you and your iPod doing the risky attempts. You could be one of the techie geniuses that will mark the history, if you will succeed. But, if you will fail, which is a sure thing to expect, you will be one of the fools that will surely end up being a looser. However, if you are confident enough to prove the world that you can jailbreak your iPod 2g MANUALLY, then prove it. But, you will surely undergo with some trial and errors in which it will surely cost your data or your iPod 2g. You need to sacrifice some of your important investments to test your fate. See, this method is very risky.

In case if you can’t do it manually or you don’t want to risk your fate, then try the good way.

Jailbreak iPod 2g – Simple Clicks Will Do

Unlike the manual way, this is the easiest and the safest way. You will need to have a good team up with your iPod 2g, the jailbreaking software and yourself. You need not to have any trial and errors processes because this is a proven and tested method. Furthermore, you need not to sacrifice anything just to enhance your iPod 2g. Take these steps to unleash your iPod 2g (With iOS 4):

  • Download the iTunes 9.2 and the iOS 4 for your iPod touch 2G. Put them into your desktop for easy access.
  • Download the software to be used in jailbreaking your iPod touch 2G. After the successful download of the software, run it into your device.
  • After that, choose the Next option and choose the expert mode to have access on multitasking and backgrounds of your iPod touch 2G.
  • Choose the browse option and click it. Then, choose the downloaded iOS 4 firmware.
  • The iPod touch 2G icon will appear on screen if it’s the appropriate version of your firmware.
  • Though you will see lots of option on your screen, just choose the General option and click it. It will enable you to have access on different features of your iPod touch 2G which are disabled by the Apple company through default.
  • Just wait for the software to accomplish the modification of your firmware. A confirmation message will appear. The name of the software will be added on the OS custom file name.
  • After that, you need to connect your iPod touch into the computer to open the iTunes option. But make sure that you are pressing the Shift button and click the restore option.
  • Then, iTunes will ask you for the firmware file. just sit back and relax while pointing it to your created custom firmware with the use of the software. iTunes will then restore OS into iPod touch. It will restart after the success of the jailbreaking process.

So, why need to complicate things? Simply choose the safest and the easiest way, visit: Jailbreak iPod 2g Software.

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Ten Great Steps on How to Jailbreak iPod 4.2.1

Are you interested how jailbreak iPod 4.2.1 is done? A lot of people have asked this ever since iPod 4.2.1 arrived in the market. Many have been fascinated with how much activities, tasks, entertainment are done using iPod. Of course, we all know that Apple is like a strict parent who controls the kind of applications that should be run on the device.  That’s why jailbreaking came into the picture by lifting off the restrictions on the program. This will allow the iPod user to experience various programs which Apple did not allow. In fact, a jailbroken iPod offers more excitement and entertainment at a little cost. It also enables several enhancements on camera and video features as well as Wi-Fi connectivity.

Fast and Easy Steps to Jailbreak iPod 4.2.1

Getting your iPod jailbroken can be done within minutes. Of course, one must make sure that the device is already running a 4.2.1 firmware. If not, then it should be updated via iTunes. One must also make  sure that the jailbreak tool chosen is compatible with the operating system of the PC. This is not so difficult to do. Here’s the following steps to remember:

1. Choose the jailbreak tool by inquiring online. Download it and make sure that you have saved it on a folder in the desktop.

2. Upgrade to the latest firmware if you have not done so.

3. Through iTunes, install the firmware 4.2.1. Place the IPSW format  in the folder you just created

4. After this, click on the jailbreak tool to run its course.

5. When the tool asks for your IPSW file, find it on the desktop file.

6. As soon as the IPSW was identified and verified by the jailbreak tool, it is now possible to proceed with the next process.

7. Then choose and click Cydia and proceed.

8. Before you click next, turn off the iPod  before connecting it to the PC via USB cable.

9. Then the jailbreak tool will flash in the screen the instructions that should be followed. This will lead to your iPod in the DFU mode. Usually, this is done by pressing down both the power and home button at the same time for ten seconds. The power button is released first, and allow 15 seconds to pass before doing the same thing to home button.

10.  When the DFU is done, jailbreaking process follows. A confirmation will appear once it is done. After this, enjoy what the iPod features have to offer.

This  jailbreak process is also applied to devices like iPhone, and iPad.  Of course, before doing any of the jailbreaking, it is always advised to back up all the files. This way you can protect important files if something went wrong in the process.

More Recommendations

In order to spot the best jailbreaking tool, one must first  check its reliability and effectiveness. Sites on jailbreak tools have sprouted and one cannot be too sure with the quality of software tool they are selling. Some are even scams. In order not to fall for these thing and ruin your iPod, it is best to do a little bit of research.  You will be able to tell if  these  tools  work best  with the number of positive feedbacks they have. Often times, joining forums will enable one to ask from experts.

One must also check out  the customer support system of the jailbreak site so that he gets better assistance while going through the whole process.

When one imagines the slew of applications available just within clicks away, the tasks are made easier and faster. With all the benefits of the iPod Touch, there’s no doubt how it changes the way we do things and experience new level of technology. If you wish to learn more about this, then make the move. Visit: Software To Jailbreak iPod 4.2.1

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How To Jailbreak iPod 4.1 – The Best Tips To Jailbreak Your iPod 4.1 Without Any Hassles

Are you in search for the best Jailbreak Ipod 4.1 methods?  If you are, then fret no more.  If you read this article, I will provide you with insights as to why you should jailbreak your Ipod and the most efficient methods of doing so.  So, finish your reading and understand jailbreaking a little bit more.

Jailbreak Ipod 4.1 – Making Your Favorite Device A Lot Better

As of today, the Ipod has become more than just a music player.  To some, it has become one of the most useful devices that can be used not only for listening to your favorite music, but also one which will allow you to surf the Internet, play games and a lot more.

However, if you want to make your Ipod capabilities even greater – then I suggest that you find a way to jailbreak it.  After all, it is a fact that a jailbroken Ipod will have more features, more themes to choose from, more free music and a lot more advantages that you will surely love to have.

Jailbreak Ipod 4.1 – The Manual And Automatic Methods: Which Is Better?

The Manual Method 


1.  Computer Chip – this will serve as jumper that you can use to override the restrictions set by Apple.

2.  Technical Skills – this is needed because jailbreaking through this method will involve some complex procedures which if done improperly, may lead to some irreversible problems.

How To Do It – Step By Step

1.            Buy a computer chip online or from your favorite computer store.  This chip usually costs from around $100 to $200.

2.            Open your Ipod and then carefully place the chip in your device’s board.  Afterwards, close the Ipod.

3.            Reboot your Ipod.  This is essential for configuration purposes.

4.            Check if the jailbreak was successful by trying to download some apps which are normally prohibited by Apple.  If you can do this, then the jailbreak is successful.

The Automatic Method


1. Jailbreaking Software – make sure that this is reliable and has been created by a reliable company.

2.  Desktop or laptop Computer

3.  Ipod

How To Do It – Step By Step

1.            Download a jailbreaking software.  Also download an IPSW file that will be compatible with your device and with the computer that you will be using.

2.            After the downloads are completed, update your device by running the IPSW file that you downloaded.

3.            Launch the software.  In the option box that will appear, choose “Install Cydia” and other jailbreaking options that you think are important.

4.            Turn your Ipod off and connect it to your PC.  After doing this, click “Next”.

5.            Put your Ipod into DFU mode.  Hold the “Power” and “Home” buttons at the same time for 10 seconds.  Afterwards, release the “Power” button while you continue to hold “Home”.  Do this until the jailbreak begins.

6.            Wait as the software jailbreaks your Ipod automatically.  Reboot your device after.

7.            Check if the jailbreak was done properly by doing some downloads.  If you are able to do this on Apple-prohibited apps, then you have successfully jailbroken your device.  If not, redo the steps as mentioned above.

Jailbreak Ipod 4.1 – Why Using Computer Software Is Better

If you want to jailbreak your Ipod without the need for any technical skills or a large amount of money to spend, then using a computer software is surely the way to go.  With this method, you do not need to be an expert just to do it.  All that you’ll need is your Ipod, your PC and your software – and that is it!

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Indeed, if you want to jailbreak your Ipod – then doing it with the help of a computer software is the best option.

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How To Jailbreak iPod 4.0.2 – Firmware Search for Jailbreak iPod 4.0.2

Want to know the process of Jailbreak iPod 4.0.2? The firmware version of the iPod is one of the important ingredients in jailbreaking.  Without such, one cannot proceed on the jailbreak process.  Thus, it is really important to be knowledgeable on how to locate and identify iPod firmware for the selection of jailbreak also relies on it. Aside from connecting on iTunes, below are guides on how to search and point out the firmware version of an iTouch where it doesn’t only apply for iPod gadget but to all iDevices.

  •        Touch the screen of the device to view the main menu
  •        Scroll  and select the Settings Menu
  •        In the Settings page, select the About icon
  •        In this selection, there is info found including the firmware. Just scroll the                screen up or down to find it in such page.

Revealing the Objective of Jailbreak iPod 4.0.2

Jailbreak is a part of iPod activities.  Aside from entertaining oneself with the features and applications available in the gadget, jailbreak iPod 4.0.2 gives more than what a standard device could offer.  The process of jailbreaking removes an iPod unit’s limitations imposed by Apple Inc. on which such becomes capable of accessing main operating system of the manufacturer.  The idea of hijacking and intercepting root systems contains several aims which are:

  •      It can download more applications, extensions and themes which are not                  available in the Apple App Store.
  •      It can install Cydia where it contains software packages namely applications,          themes, system modification, ringtones and more.
  •      Installs third party software components that has custom applications
  •      Enables old iPod models to upgrade and update its software system resembling      the latest units.

Which Jailbreak iPod 4.0.2 Fits to Your Taste

Inventors of jailbreak make software tools into 2 classifications.  The first one is the tethered jailbreak where a device user have to install a jailbreak tool each time the unit’s power goes empty or it is turned off.  There are several tethered jailbreaks and redsn0w version 0.9.6rc7 is one of them.  The reason for tethered tools to exist is due to the iPod unit’s iBoot which is a tiny program in a chip.  The iBoot is the one that dictates the device on how to run the operating system on which this is the targeted spot of jailbreaking.  iBoot is tricked by injecting a 24kpwn hack but Apple has already made counter measures.  From such, to use the jailbreak, one must connect to a computer to perform the iBoot crashing job.  On the other hand, untethered jailbreaks are much plenty like Redsn0w 0.9.6rc18, Sn0wbreeze 2.7.3, and PwnageTool  This kind doesn’t have to do frequent installation for once it is registered into the gadget’s system it already remains in the memory of the unit.

Keeping the Rules of Jailbreak iPod 4.0.2

In installing jailbreak into an iPod unit, there are basic principles, procedures and requirements to follow.  Failure on keeping the said constituents will result to incomplete installation process.  To properly track on the jailbreaking steps, the simplified methods will aid on fast and easy installation which are:

Step 1. Create a separate folder in the desktop.

Step 2. Download itunes and firmware version and store into the folder.

Step 3. Connect the iPod unit’s usb port into the computer.

Step 4. In a new window opening, find the Browse menu and click so as to allow the unit in navigating the firmware saved on the folder.

Step 5. The firmware of the device will then be verified so click Next on the following windows.

Step 6. In a window where Install Cydia is located, check it including other featured options.

Step 7. The device will then be given instructions to be in DFU mode.  The following steps will place a unit in such mode:

  •     Long press the Power button for about 3 seconds.
  •    Then for more than 10 seconds, press both Power and Home menu.
  •     Release Power button except the Home icon

Step 8. Once the iPod will make a restart, it is jailbreaked.

Saving on Jailbreak iPod 4.0.2

Do you want to download numerous applications at no cost? Then do jailbreak your iPod at once to get plenty of amazing results.

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The software is capable of gaining entry on various app sources without the worry of accumulating bills.

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How To Jailbreak iPod 4.0 – Enjoy the Massive Features of a Free Device!

With iPod 4.0 now out in the market, users can’t help but wonder, is there a way to jailbreak iPod 4.0? Just as it is, the iPod 4.0 already comes with winning features. While this is true, most users would still prefer to jailbreak their devices – later on, you’ll know just why.

Basic Features of 4G iPod

Face Time. This feature is available to the iPod 4g because of the forward and rear-facing cameras. This is a feature that is great for younger kids and teenagers because not all parents can afford to pay for huge budge call plans. Instead of calling plans, there is now video call on iPod Touch to iPod Touch – free of charge!

Pixel Density. The Retina Display on your iPod 4G means you get to enjoy the details of photographs. So if you’re more of a photo, game, or movie person, then this is the feature that you would surely be jumping up and down about.

Video Camera. Your cameras can do a lot more than taking photographs or even helping during video calls. You can also be used as a video camera so you get to create your very own home movies!

Crisper Image. The brand new A4 chip in iPod 4.0 is what makes your device in line with its brothers – iPad and iPhone.

Features Yet to be Unlocked

Clearly, there are more things to enjoy with a jailbroken iPod device rather than one that remains on its factory settings. Here are the major things that you get to enjoy with a jailbroken iPod 4.0 –

•              New apps (thousands more!)

•              Great new themes (again, thousands more!)

•              More unique look as you can already customize your device.

•              More games, movies, music, wallpapers, etc.

Yeah, you’re excited to jailbreak your iPod 4.0 so here are the steps:

•              First, begin by downloading iOS 4.0.

•              Now you can download iTunes 9.2. Just make sure that you download the latest version of iTunes so that you get to do this correctly.

•              Next, download Redsn0w 0.9.5 Beta 5.

•              Just follow the guide in manually updating your iPod Touch.

•              As soon as you have updated your device, you can run Redsn0w 0.9.5 Beta 5.

•              Just click the Brown button and then choose, for your iPod Touch, the iPod Touch 4.0 firmware. This should read as iPod2,1_4.0_8A293_Restore.ipsw. Remember that this was the one that you downloaded in the very first step.

•              Click Next.

•              Redsn0w 0.9.5 Beta should arrange the data needed to jailbreak the device.

•              Now it’s time to select Install Cydia. If you choose to, you can activate Multitasking, Homescreen wallpaper and Battery percentage.

•              Click Next once more.

•              Just follow the instructions that you see onscreen and then just complete the iPod Touch 4.0 jailbreaking process.

•              Your device may reboot more than once. Just add http://apt.saurik.com/cydia-3.7 repo onto Cydia.

•              The only thing to do now is to enjoy your jailbroken device!

If you think these steps are easy enough, wait until you see a much simpler way to jailbreak your iPod 4.0:

If you don’t want to risk bricking up your device, then it is better to trust in a software solution that does the jailbreaking process correctly – 100% of the time. Everything that needs to be done is literally at the tip of your fingertips, all that is left to do is to download it and then enjoy a jailbroken device in just a few minutes!

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While most software sellers would say that they offer the safest solution to jailbreak your device, the fact remains that more and more iPods become useless when installation processes aren’t strictly followed. If you want zero worries, then this should be the only software that you’ve got to trust. Visit: How To Jailbreak iPod 4.0